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Environmental Policy

Help us protect our wildlife!

Pan Isles, Inc./Ship Island Excursions is committed to exceeding the environmental and safety standards established for Gulf Islands National Seashore. We are committed to comply with applicable laws pertaining to human health and the environment. Top priority is given to the preservation and conservation of our natural resources. Health, safety and environmental sustainability are of utmost importance. We are moving forward through continuous education in order to protect the quality of life for our employees, guests and the environment of West Ship Island.

Pan Isles, Inc./Ship Island Excursions’ mission is to become a recognized leader for environmental programs and practices through conducting our business activities in a highly responsible manner. Using Best Management practices, we are meeting our goals to comply with environmental legislation, regulations and additional voluntary standards to which Pan Isles, Inc./Ship Island Excursions subscribes.

Pan Isles, Inc./Ship Island Excursions does:

  • Actively participate in environmental programs with Federal, State, County, and City Authorities, other companies, and any other group who has a commitment to improving the environment;
  • Promote education programs about the Natural Resources of Gulf Islands National Seashore, in order to better understand the latest updated environmental processes and improvements to the health of the ecosystem. This includes cultural resources such as historical land and archeological materials;
  • Promote environmental educational programs to the park visitors and groups by offering learning experiences and printed information;
  • Improve environmental management systems and to share this information with others;
  • Promote the prevention of pollution and promote public awareness of pollution prevention programs;
  • Assess the environmental impacts of products we introduce to the Park;
  • Evaluate our services and activities and incorporates appropriate controls and changes where practical;
  • Establish environmental objectives and targets commensurate with the nature and scale of our operations, and take into consideration the expectations of interested parties;
  • Determine the effectiveness of our environmental management system on an annual basis and Communicate this policy to Pan Isles, Inc./Ship Island Excursions’ employees, visitors, and National Park Service.