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“I’m not sure I have the words to properly express what an amazing and pleasurable experience my family and I had with Ship Island Excursions on August 5th, 2018. It was the most fun we have head in YEARS. Every part of our adventure was awesome and affordable. The memories we created will last a lifetime. We can not wait to return next summer. I would like to reiterate and expound upon the affordability of this excursion by explaining how reasonably priced everything was.

First of all, I experienced sticker shock when I saw the tickets were only $30 per person. The good kind of sticker shock. I could not believe my family of four would be able to take a boat ride in the Gulf to this magical place and might see dolphins along the way for such a low price. You are not guaranteed a dolphin sighting but it is very likely to happen. Most dolphin sighting tours are way overpriced. We saw several dolphins so that was a sweet bonus.

Next, I want to talk about the umbrella and chair rental. Only $25 for a big umbrella and 2 comfortable beach chairs! Just do it. Worth every penny. At this point, I figured they were going to stick it to us at the concession stand. Why wouldn’t they? We are stuck on an island with no other options unless you brought your own food. It didn’t happen. Our bellies were stuffed for $20, all four of us, including two teenagers. Had my kids been bored I would have had to buy more food. I would have been okay with that but there was never a dull moment. We were swimming with rays, Hardhead catfish and Horseshoe crabs. Some of us were a little creeped out by the local wildlife but it’s all part of the fun.

I would like to wrap this up by thanking the staff and crew of Capt. Pete for being stellar human beings. Every person we encountered, from the ticket counter lady to the disembarkment dude, was friendly and helpful. Do yourself a favor and buy the tickets. You will not regret it.”

  • Angela B. on Yelp